Fresco Juice Co. was founded in Billings, MT by Cindy Martin Beers, RD, LDN.

In the mid 90’s, Cindy worked as an outpatient dietitian in Billings specializing in diabetes and eating disorders. Her passion was helping people understand the ways that food impacts their physical and mental health. In 2004, Cindy “retired” from nutrition counseling work to stay home and raise her young family.

While working as a stay-at-home mom, Cindy’s passion for healthy, whole foods continued and she maintained her credentials as a Registered Dietitian. She did her best to provide balanced meals and snacks at home but often grew frustrated with the lack of healthy food options when away from home.

Over the years, Cindy began struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and couldn’t eat whole fruits and vegetables without suffering extreme discomfort. In not being able to eat fruits and vegetables consistently, Cindy began relying on supplements, chose less nutrient dense foods and experienced a major change in her mood and overall health.

In 2021, Cindy discovered cold-pressed juice and her health began to transform. Drinking juice daily allowed her energy levels to rise, cravings to decrease and digestive issues to settle down. From the moment she started juicing at home, she began dreaming of bringing organic, cold-pressed juices to Billings. After months of research and consideration of different business models, she decided to start her own cold-pressed juice company and Fresco Juice Co. was born!

Fresh juice, real food and joyful spirit are the guiding principles of Fresco Juice Co. Cindy’s desire is for customers to not only love the juices but to experience something “different” when they walk through the doors. Everything about Fresco Juice Co. is infused with joy and customers feel the difference in our juices and company culture.

Our Mission

The mission of Fresco Juice Co. is to provide our customers with fresh juice and real foods in a joyful spirit. We aim to know our customers and walk with them as they work to maintain or improve their health. You will never find highly processed or chemically modified foods at Fresco Juice Co.

How We’re Different

What makes our juices different from store bought juice or other juice bars? Our process and our ingredients!

Fresco Juice Co. proudly uses Goodnature cold-press machines to bring you the purest juices possible. What is cold-pressed juice and how is it different from other juices?  Cold-pressed juice is a gentle process that grinds the freshest produce into a pulp. The pulp is then pressed slowly between two heavy plates. The result is a pulp-free, minimally processed juice that is packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Our juices are raw, never pasteurized. For this reason, they have a short shelf life and are best enjoyed within 5 days of being pressed.

Our juices are made daily in our kitchen located in downtown Billings, MT. Only organic fruits and vegetables get chosen for our juices as we believe it is important to minimize exposure to chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. The result is a juice you can trust!